Unified Schools

Special Olympics Unified Schools and Unified Champion Schools 

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Special Olympics Unified Schools empower youth and educators to be leaders of change.

Special Olympics believes that in order to create lasting attitudinal change across the world, the focus must start with today’s youth.  Special Olympics Unified Schools is a program designed to promote social inclusion and social-emotional learning through inclusive sport in primary schools, secondary schools, and universities throughout the world.


Special Olympics has created Unified Schools as a sustainable and scalable mechanism to deliver Unified Sports to more youth worldwide and to address the global need to teach social and emotional learning to youth of all abilities.


Special Olympics has also created Unified Champion Schools. Unified Champion Schools demonstrate a higher commitment to creating a more inclusive world through 3 areas:

  1. Inclusive Sports

  2. Inclusive Youth Leadership

  3. Whole School Engagement 

Global Unified Schools

Explore the map below to see Unified Schools and Unified Champion Schools around the world supported through the Play Unified Learn Unified Initiative with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Унифицированы ШКОЛЫ И ШКОЛЫ УНИФИЦИРОВАННЫЕ ЧЕМПИОНА по всему земному шару, поддерживаются: