The Unified Workforce: Inclusion Through Media

Opportunity doesn’t come around every day. And it doesn’t always seed itself for future growth. Yet, for 17-year-old twin brothers from Kansas, a unique opportunity with Special Olympics gave birth to a bright future for people with special needs.

Matt (left) and Jack (right) McCabe pictured at the Messe Congress Graz at the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games, standing next to a cut-out of one of the games mascots, Lara.

Jack and Matt McCabe recently founded enterpriZe media, a multimedia production company, through a grant provided by Special Olympics. In addition to its full service media production, social media and public relations capabilities, enterpriZe media hires individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. As the new business grows, these jobs will include positions using technology, serving as on-air talent, providing front-office administrative functions and more. This is exciting news for families raising children with special needs, as society opens the doors to a “live, work and play” mindset for adults with intellectual disabilities in their communities.

enterpriZe media models Special Olympics’ Unified Generation, a new generation of inclusive communities that unite us all. Unified Generation, like enterpriZe media, seeks to leverage the talents and ideas of people with intellectual disabilities. This new movement is about giving purpose, not just jobs. It’s a valuable and worthwhile contribution to communities across America.

Jack and Matt McCabe are honored to be a part of the Unified Generation. They grew up in an inclusive school setting. Embracing that model through enterpriZe media is the next step in changing the future.

In the next decade, Jack and Matt hope that enterpriZe media is one of thousands of businesses, large and small, bringing more people with intellectual disabilities to the workplace. As with any great movement, it starts small and expands alongside society’s passion for doing the right thing. There’s no greater reminder of that than this year’s salute to Special Olympics’ 50th anniversary.

If you want to make a difference in employment for people with intellectual disabilities, read more about enterpriZe media and visit its GoFundMe page.

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